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Betreff: Re: Running Without Running
Von: (Tim+)
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Datum: 07. Jun 2020, 23:04:58
<> wrote:
Disclaimer #1: I run now only once in a while and for short distances,
sometimes easy, sometimes short sprints on long rests.  I used to be a
recreational runner, having started in my mid-20’s, and having completed
many shorter races and 3 half-marathons, best times of 20:10 at 5k at age
45 and 1:36:40 for the half-marathon a decade before that.
Disclaimer #2:  I work for the company on whose site the above-linked
article was posted last year.

Hi Steve, long time no hear.

I’m 63 now and beginning to toy with the idea of strength work/ weights
etc.  I’m pretty “old school” and conservative in my approach to training
but it seems to work pretty well for me. I ran a 1:38 hilly and windy half
marathon at the age of sixty and at 62 I could still manage the occasional
sub-20 5K.  About 2-3 minutes off that at the moment but without any races
happening it’s hard to maintain motivation.


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