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Re: 13.1 mile race in snow canyon

Betreff: Re: 13.1 mile race in snow canyon
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Datum: 23. Nov 2019, 18:22:10
ran 13.1 mile in a race in Snow Canyon, By st George, Sore legs
    I did a very slow 13.1 (9-9:30min/mile) around a 2mile loop golf course yesterday.  Partly to try new shoes (Altra Torin 4) but secretly to gauge whether I could do a full 100miles on this same course running by myself.
I learned a few things:  Firstly, physically it feels very possible to me: I made efforts to carefully avoid overstriding or breaking into a full run, walking whenever my heartrate rose or on small hills, and on keeping an upright posture to avoid lower back and hipflexor pain (this is the one thing I like Altra shoes for, I don't like them otherwise), and keeping heartrate low.  Afterwards I was not overly tired or sore, and that I could've gone on.
But it is really hard mentally.  The thought of doing this loop 50-55 times was too draining to even contemplate.  All I did was 7 loops, and even then all I could bear to think about was drinking *this* bottle of fluid before the end of the loop, and never looking at my watch :)
Thirdly, I'd grossly misthought how my sweat rate varies widely.  I can sweat up to 60oz/hr on a hot day, but although I cut back to 40oz/hr, afterwards I felt bloated and found I'd gained several pounds in just a couple hours.  In this colder weather (40-55F) and slow paces, I'll have to cut this back to say 20oz/hr.  Accordingly I'll have to adjust the calorie concentration of my drink mix.  Complications !
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