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Re: Training week ending 16/12/18

Betreff: Re: Training week ending 16/12/18
Von: (Ed Prochak)
Gruppen: rec.running
Datum: 30. Dec 2018, 22:18:34
On Tuesday, December 18, 2018 at 3:15:18 AM UTC-5, Tim wrote:
rms <> wrote:
I do realise that I'm probably flagellating an expired equine here
but I'll give it one more week to see if there are any more
runners lurking out there.
   Nice :)  I did 11kft of climb last week exploring the (lightly) snowy
trails here, think I need a couple days recovery time!
That’s a good bit of climbing for the week! My highest easily accessible
hill is only about 800ft. I’d need to go up it repeatedly to get that sort
of elevation.
My high point this week was finally clawing my way back to a sub-20 5K time
(19:57) after having “let myself go” somewhat over the year.
At 62 I was feeling pretty good about getting under the 20, until I read
about this guy. ;-)
Please don't feed the trolls

I peak in here still but have not been running any regular amount recently.
Enjoy the run,
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