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Datum: 11. Dec 2018, 19:51:53
LT100 lottery,
My memories may help to motivate you.
    haha!  Very nice, Ken.  I actually have completed 2 100s in the past, the last RRR a few years back, and have started Lt100 once.  I carefully read and reread a popular internet guide to finishing it -- which especially emphasized constant eating -- and got to the ~40mile mark (the last aidstation before the river crossing and big climbs) at around 9.5hrs, about 1hr under the cutoff, and was actually feeling very good.  But I had a mental failure here, and dropped out of fear that -- having brought no crew -- if I did miss a cutoff later on I'd be stranded on the course with no way back.  A mite irrational I know, and I'm still disappointed in myself for that.  Besides that, I was very pleased with my experience there; as you know Lifetime got all kinds of bad press in previous years by overexpanding the field, with litter & traffic etc issues.  I saw none of that in my race, and they'd done a great job cleaning their act up.  The weather (this was a couple years ago) was ideal, cool&no rain, so yeah I blew a perfect chance for a finish :)
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