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Re: Running Without Running

Betreff: Re: Running Without Running
Von: (Ed Prochak)
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Datum: 02. Jul 2020, 17:51:46
On Sunday, June 7, 2020 at 10:09:46 AM UTC-4, wrote:
Disclaimer #1: I run now only once in a while and for short distances, sometimes easy, sometimes short sprints on long rests.  I used to be a recreational runner, having started in my mid-20’s, and having completed many shorter races and 3 half-marathons, best times of 20:10 at 5k at age 45 and 1:36:40 for the half-marathon a decade before that.
Disclaimer #2:  I work for the company on whose site the above-linked article was posted last year.

Hi  Steve!

This looks very interesting. I fits with my expec\rience that I ran my fastest 5K not long after my second marathon. However, since then I've lagged in training and racing. I'm now 66 and basically starting from scratch again.. This might be something for me to investigate.

Enjoy the run
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