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Re: sprained ankle during training run :(

Betreff: Re: sprained ankle during training run :(
Von: (Ed Prochak)
Gruppen: rec.running
Datum: 06. Feb 2020, 18:59:54
On Friday, January 24, 2020 at 10:19:12 AM UTC-5, rust buckett wrote:
I'm so bummed. I was registered for an 8 mile trail race in Georgetown,
TX for tomorrow and I completely jacked my my ankle while running on a
local trail last weekend. I went to Urgent Care and got an x-ray. The
doctor says there wasn't a fracture, but she said I still should stay
off of it for at least 4 weeks. Fortunately, the race organizers giving
me credit toward a future race, but I'm still super bummed about missing
this one. Training was going pretty well, and then disaster. One wrong
step. Oh well. My partner is still going to race and I get to volunteer.
Have fun out there and watch your step. :)

Sorry to hear that. A friend of mine recently had something similar, a
broken bone just above the ankle. And all he was doing was walking on
wet grass!

SO yes, be careful out there as you enjoy your run.
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