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Datum: 13. Dec 2018, 12:46:02
I understand how easy it is to get spooked by these considerations.
Had you got as far as the ghost town turn round point (Winfield?) there would have been a large number of retirements there, and you would have been bound to have a got lift with one of the other retirees.
I presume the place you retired was Twin Lakes, which you say is 40 miles into the course but only about 15-20 miles from Leadville by road. Had you got back as far as Fish Hatcheries you would only have been 5 miles from Leadville by road. Retiring on top of Hope Pass would be inconvenient, you might have to ride down on a Llama!
I don't know what RRR is, unless it is Rocky. In the Uk it would stand for Rowbotham's Round Rotherham. If you have a thing about out and back courses there are a couple in South Dakota that might interest you. One is Lean Horse which is easy. (You have to go past a monstrosity where a mountain is being demolished to create a statue of a red indian warrior who I feel would be scandalised if he got to see it) The other is Blackhills which is not easy but within the abilities of anyone who can do Leadville.  But whereas Leadville has two river crossings (one out and one back) this has 10 (5 out and 5 back) so if being up to thigh deep in water is not your thing, you have been warned. (They do have guide ropes).
I didn't know about the bad press. I was aware that the organisers had sold the event and it had become unambiguously commercial. I suspect that part of the problem is that the town Leadville makes a lot of money from the events, but nearby communities get the inconvenience without any of the money.
On 11/12/18 18:51, rms wrote:
LT100 lottery,
My memories may help to motivate you.
     haha!  Very nice, Ken.  I actually have completed 2 100s in the past, the last RRR a few years back, and have started Lt100 once.  I carefully read and reread a popular internet guide to finishing it -- which especially emphasized constant eating -- and got to the ~40mile mark (the last aidstation before the river crossing and big climbs) at around 9.5hrs, about 1hr under the cutoff, and was actually feeling very good.  But I had a mental failure here, and dropped out of fear that -- having brought no crew -- if I did miss a cutoff later on I'd be stranded on the course with no way back.  A mite irrational I know, and I'm still disappointed in myself for that.  Besides that, I was very pleased with my experience there; as you know Lifetime got all kinds of bad press in previous years by overexpanding the field, with litter & traffic etc issues.  I saw none of that in my race, and they'd done a great job cleaning their act up.  The weather (this was a couple years ago) was ideal, cool&no rain, so yeah I blew a perfect chance for a finish :)
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