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Re: Training week ending 02/12/18

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Datum: 07. Dec 2018, 20:26:19
ken <> Wrote in message:
On 03/12/18 18:30, rms wrote:
Entered two more races for 2019, a 65K trail/hill ultra in
February and a 43 mile trail ultra in August.
    I'm not sure what my situation will be next year, so I'm leery about
signing up to anything.  I sort of want to put into the LT100 lottery,
just to have a goal to point at.

Its a good race, well worth doing, but fairly hard in my opinion for the
number of hours to finish in, so I wouldn't recommend it as a first
hundred. In any case there are many other hundreds that don't have a
lottery, though possibly not having as much razzmatazz as Leadville.

Thanks for that Ken. Enjoyed your account.


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