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Datum: 04. Dec 2018, 19:52:05
"rms" <> Wrote in message:
Entered two more races for 2019, a 65K trail/hill ultra in
February and a 43 mile trail ultra in August.
    I'm not sure what my situation will be next year, so I'm leery about
signing up to anything.  I sort of want to put into the LT100 lottery, just
to have a goal to point at.

You definitely should. Training is much more fun with a goal. I
 hadn't checked out the Leadville route until today. Never done an
 out and back before but it beats the pants off of anything  with
 laps in my opinion.
Lots of fun altitude to make things a bit harder too. ;-)

Might put that one on my "to do" list one day.

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