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Re:Training week ending 02/12/18

Betreff: Re:Training week ending 02/12/18
Von: (Tim+)
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Datum: 03. Dec 2018, 09:35:31
Tim+ <> Wrote in message:
Welcome wreck runners. Tell us about your training week and goals.

Mon: 6.5 mile trails. Had a Strava segment recording ruined by low
 flying aircraft!

Tue: 9.6 miles. Warm up, 1*1.5 miles + 4*0.75 miles, cool down.

Wed: rest

Thu: 5.3 miles easy

Fri: 3K time trial. Never raced 3K before. Pretty competitive
 field. Just missed going sub-12 (I ran 12:02) but it was  windy
 and rainy so perhaps not too surprising. Only *just* made the top
 half  of the field with that time. 63rd of 127 runners.

Sat: 3 miles "Marcothon" run

Sun: Hungover. Another 3 mile Marcothon.

Entered two more races for 2019, a 65K trail/hill ultra in
 February and a 43 mile trail ultra in August.


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