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Re: What is a Good Pace for 67 year old?

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On Saturday, November 9, 1996 at 2:00:00 AM UTC-6, Ralph Burns wrote:
I am a 67 year old runner but I have no idea whether my pace is good or
average for someone my age.  I run  three days a week  for 5 miles  in 45
minutes. I'm not interested in races  so that I have no  benchmark to go
by.  I did run a few 10K 10 years ago and finished them slightly under 50
minutes.  I know that I am slower now but I know the excercise is good for
me but I still interested to know that I am on par with others my age.
I'm 68 now and started running about 10 years ago when I was diagnosed
with Type II Diabetes. I now run to control my blood sugar. I decided
on diet and exercise to control my blood sugar instead of prescription
drugs, and it has worked great for me so far. I now run the mile in
about 8.5 minutes. I have been doing one 5K each year for the past 3
years and I have gotten below 28 minutes, with a goal to stay below
thirty minutes. I usually run 1 1/2 miles 3 times per week with a goal
to stay below 13:30 for my normal run. Since I re-started running 10
years ago, my time for the 1 & 1/2 mile slowly decreased over a about
one year's time to where I am now, so it appears I have peaked. But
once per year I try to do the 1 & 1/2 miles in less than 13:00
minutes, hopefully without a knee blowout. I do 2 things to prevent
injury, #1 I don't run hard every day, every other day I walk. #2 I
buy a good pair of running shows about ever 18 months. Since I started
doing 1 & 2 my leg problems have virtually dropped to zero.

Wow! What an inspiration you 2 are! I'm only 42, in reasonably good
health, and these sound like pretty good times to me. I think my 5k is
only around 25-27 minutes right now and 9 minute miles for 5 miles is
really not bad at all.

I say keep it up and have fun because having fun with it is really the
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